Proposals - Propositions

MOTION: (E. Beattie/A. Montgomery) that the Synode Montréal & Ottawa Conference, having received the recommendations of the AGM planning committee are making the following recommendations:
  • That the 2017 AGM be a one day meeting held at Wyman Memorial United Church in Hudson Qc, with remote sites to be determined,
  • That April 21st, 2017 be the deadline to receive Proposals that can be addressed at the annual meeting. Proposal received after the deadline will be referred to the Executive. Carried
Proposal [template]
1.    What is the issue? (describe in broad terms) 
We believe God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is calling us to:
  • do something about…
  • engage the topic of…
  • respond to the challenge of…
  • etc.
Note: proposals for the General Council are for issues of denominational responsibility that go beyond the bounds of a presbytery or Conference.
2.    Why is this issue important?
  • What are the key underlying theological, ecclesiological, missional, or justice issues?
  • What is the history/background of this issue?
  • What are the principles informing this issue?
3.    How might the General Council respond to the issue?
  • Name a possible response that the General Council might consider:

    • A.    Study/Discussion of the issue 
    • B.    Action on the issue
This could include:
  • General Council directing that a policy/strategy be developed based on specified principles and parameters
  • General Council adopting a policy position/strategy
  • General Council encouraging/suggesting action by congregations and other communities of faith on the issue
Note to 3.A: The General Council could be asked to have a conversation about a particular issue as an end in itself without making a policy decision or taking other action.
Note to 3.B:  Suggestions for wording of a policy/strategy could be offered as possibilities for consideration in the decision-making process but not as expectations of a particular outcome.
4.         For the courts transmitting this proposal to the General Council:
  • Are there comments, affirmations, suggestions you would like to make with respect to this proposal?


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