Sacraments Elders Training in Sept-Iles

Author - Auteur: 
Heather Aulis
Ministry Unit: 
K.I.T. Pastoral Charge
Presbytery - Consistoire: 

During the weekend of May 9th to 11th, I was part of an adventure with five other trainees headed by Reverend Debra Kigar and the Reverend Doug Stewart of the United Church of Canada. There were three students from Sept-Iles who were our hosts, two pupils from Chevery and me from Thetford Mines (K.I.T. pastoral charge).

For our first evening together we got to know each other over supper. It seemed that we had a lot in common and were all very involved in our churches. Along with this involvement came the realization that we and our churches needed more know- how especially in leading funerals, conducting baptisms as well as leading communions.

Indeed the weekend course was jam- packed and designed to prepare us to do these important duties. After a fun and laughter filled supper on Friday evening we got down to work. Reverend Debra Kigar with Reverend Stewart’s assistance gave us a course on conducting funerals. What was also extremely helpful were the resources we received to lead us step by step in this process. Necessary resources were also listed for each group to purchase.

On Saturday, the 10th we met for a full day at a special café conference room and learned about the specifics of baptism and communion. Questions were asked and answered and it was a great learning experience. Reverends Debra and Doug were very thorough in their approaches and modelled the conducting of baptisms and communion. There was also a sense humour and camaraderie throughout these sessions. We learned and we had fun. Our two leaders couldn’t have been better. The six of us who took this course will now have certificates to do baptisms and communions in our United Churches.

On Sunday morning we worshipped at St. Andrew’s United and All Saints Anglican Church in Sept-Iles. Reverend Doug Stewart and Reverend Debra Kigar took the service. There was a great turnout and it was interesting to see how everyone (United & Anglican) worked together.
After worship we invited everyone down to the port of Sept-Iles for a fresh seafood lunch. The crab was yummy. All of this was followed by a small shopping trip or a tour around Sept-Iles with a knowledgeable commentary by Keith Eldridge (a Sept-Iles learner).  We returned to our homes tired but elated.

Our Sept-Iles learners were Gail Court Lavallee, Keith Eldridge and Francis Antle. Brenda Strickland and Marguerite Cox joined us from Chevery and Heather Aulis from Thetford Mines.

Many thanks to our Sept-Iles hosts for providing us with places for excellent meals, a super conference room and an interesting itinerary.