Planning special meals, special gifts? Please give a gift for Christmas

It has been over a month since the Super Typhoon hit the central islands of the Philippines, destroying thousands of homes, schools, churches, businesses and killing thousands of people, with so many others left homeless, struggling, lost, afraid and feeling alone.  It has been over two weeks since I returned but my Facebook page gets messages everyday - those looking for more help, those sending pictures of relief workers and volunteers continuing tirelessly to repack food and other life necessities, and to travel the miles to bring hope.  That was the greatest gift I could offer them - to say I was from Canada, and that even though their power was out, and their lives upside down, yet they were not alone in the struggle because the world knows and cares.  NOW is the time to show HOW MUCH we care.  

As you prepare for Christmas, as your plan special gifts and special meals, please think of those for whom 15 kg of rice will be such a blessing.  Donating through the United Church of Canada is SO EASY, and if you do it before December 23, the Canadian Government will match your gift.