Thank you Canada for your support

I am so proud to be Canadian. Although very conscious of military presence everywhere, at the airport in Iloilo, Panay Island, I saw a Canadian flag on a sleeve, so approached with my passport and had a chat with Canadian Peacekeepers who have just arrived. They are headed to the devasted area with supplies and a new source of energy.  That will be so encouraging but also strength for physical clean up that needs to happen. Furthermore, it sends a message to the government of the Philippines that we are with them but, as witnesses, holding them accountable to make sure everyone gets help and sufficient food and care.

Thanks also to those ministry sites and individuals who have contributed financially to the relief work.  The UCC has just sent $200,000 to help provide food which is running low.  Please continue to be generous from your own abundance knowing that every penny will help, and know that I am happy to share more of my visit when I return to Canada at the end of the month.