Clean up after the Typhoon

A survivor spoke about the wind blowing so hard and waves as high as the coconuts in the trees. Down the street is the Technical College, destroyed. The gym was designated as the community evacuation center but the roof collapsed with the force of the winds and the waves washed over other classrooms. Trees were uprooted falling on buildings and blocking roads. Homes along the beach were wiped out leaving the families of fishermen with fathers missing, and shelter gone except to crouch under doors they have scavenged. As we left this beach family, the rain came pouring down and we scattered for shelter.

With no school, the children are helping in any way they can, carrying water, scavenging for materials that can be recycled through the junk shop but they are overwhelmed by the complete upset for this coastal community of fishermen. Many of the boats are battered from being thrown out of the water, and no one wants to buy their fish, for those who are now trying to work, because there were dead bodies floating in the water. They are really stuck! And told they are "isolated", no relief packages have arrived yet. But we managed to get here and I told them the UCC cares and that help will be coming. The churches are working ecumenically to ensure that no families are forgotten.