NCCP Jubilee Celebration toned down in honour of typhoon victims

The Jubilee Celebration for the NCCP was toned down out of respect for the victims of the typhoon but began with marches coming from two different areas and meeting in front of the church for worship. The signs that we used for marching were incorporated dramatically into worship by the young adults. The sanctuary was overflowing, the prayers by lay people very powerful, and the music with a mass choir and many stringed instruments spirit-filled. I was warmly welcomed by the Bishop who came to visit us in M&O in 2012 and traveled across the country, helping us to understand the on-going struggles of life here in the Philippines because of the role of mining companies and other companies.
Meanwhile, back at the NCCP offices, repacking of food supplies continued well into the night.

I am now heading off to the typhoon-hit zone for the weekend, to continue my role as "living letter". There was great applause when I was able to announce, as I brought UCC greetings, that we have launched a national campaign of support, that our website has a prayer for all to use, and that our government has offered matching financial support. Let us hold each other accountable to support these communities that have lost everything.