What can we do to help our brothers and sisters - our global partners in the Philippines?

Thank you to all the ministry sites and presbyteries who have extended invitations for me to share my travels in person over the past year. There are official links between the United Church of Canada head office and numerous sectors in the Philippines but it is always a good thing to build grass-roots linkages as well.  
1.  A natural link might be for the "your" United Church to partner with a similar congregation with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.

2.  Organize a support committee on Philippine issues within your congregation.

3.  Encourage congregation members to write letters to Political detainees.  Letters of support are an important morale booster,and international support also affords protection for detainees.

4.  Providing financial support to Political Detainees like Angie and Mary and their families (ie. support for schooling and basic needs)

5. Provide financial support for a United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) pastor to help pay off theological studies so that individual can be ordained.

6.  Circulate and sign a petition for the unconditional release of All political detainees in the Philippines - There are 347 political detainees in the Philippines.

7.  Join campaigns concerning Canadian Mining in the Philippines and the impact of this business on Human rights.

8.  Make sure that your local MP is as educated and aware as you are about the struggles.

9. There are 500,000 Filipino's working in Canada and sending money home to help their families. How many do you know? Develop personal relationships that give them a safe welcome and understanding ears.

10.Invite me to make a presentation to your ministry site so that I can provide more details. Please join me on the journey of sharing ministry.