Le recueil francophone de chants et textes de
L’Église Unie du Canada

Nos Voix Unies

Nos Voix Unies, le recueil francophone de chants et textes de L’Église Unie du Canada, rassemble quelque 390 cantiques et textes pour accompagner les célébrations tout au long de l’année. Vous y trouverez aussi des textes liturgiques variés, des confessions de foi ainsi que des chants en espagnol et en anglais pour les célébrations interculturelles. La reliure en spirale et les tables analytique et alphabétique en facilitent l’usage. Son contenu varié s’adapte à de nombreuses occasions.

Made-in-Canada French United Church hymnal

Nos Vois Unies

Nos Voix Unies is a unique, made-in-Canada French United Church hymnal featuring some 390 songs and texts suited for worship throughout the church year. The hymn book includes user-friendly first-line and topical indexes, diverse liturgical texts, and faith confessions. Coil-bound, it includes original French material and words and songs in English and Spanish that are suitable for intercultural worship.

Many of you have been watching or participating as Toronto Conference conducted a review of the Rev. Gretta Vosper.  The decisions of the Conference’s sub-Executive were released today and can be found as the first story on the home page at www.torontoconference.ca.

This is clearly a time when many people will have a variety of emotions as they read the message from the sub-Executive.  Please feel free to share the information and the accompanying documents to anyone who would like to see them.

Behold I Make All Things New

Voici je fais toutes choses nouvelles

Worship Service

To Accompany Consideration of Remits

From the 42nd General Council

"...if our sisters can stand up for what is right while facing threats and actual assassinations, we surely cannot sit idly by and allow this business to carry on, protected by ruthless international actors operating with complete impunity."


Sarah Harmer and Tantoo Cardinal's powerful letter to Justin Trudeau
By Tantoo Cardinal & Sarah Harmer in Opinion | March 29th 2016


(see pdf documents attached!)

Spend a fabulous weekend with leaders of Sunday Schools and youth groups in the United, Anglican, and Lutheran churches from Ottawa to Québec! Judy Steers and Jean-Daniel Williams have prepared an inspired itinerary of theology, Bible study, pastoral care, prayer, play, games, puppets, Play-Doh, glitter, dancing, singing, and a rubber chicken.

To : Unsettling Goods Champions.



This urgent action has been requested by Mission & Service partners in Palestine and Israel.


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your quick and faithful action last summer 2015 which contributed to a reprieve for the village of Susiya in the southern West Bank. Without our global advocacy, the plight of Susiya might have gone unnoticed with tragic consequences.

Mission and Service Remittances for 2015 is January 29, 2016

Just a reminder as churches tackle their year end reports in preparation for annual meetings please remember your gifts to Mission and Service.

Please ensure all 2015 gifts for Mission & Service are transferred, and received by January 29, 2016 at the General Council Office. To make sure your cheque arrives on time I would mail it no later than January 22nd.


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