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En affichant ses 95 thèses sur les portes de l’église de Wittenberg le 31 octobre 1517, Martin Luther déclenchera une révolution religieuse, sociale et politique dans toute l’Europe. En cette année du 500e anniversaire de la Réformation, l’église Saint-Jean vous propose une série de quatre présentations relatant l'histoire des débuts des Églises protestantes.

  1. L'Europe à la fin du 16e siècle
  2. Martin Luther
  3. Les autres réformateurs
  4. La réforme d'hier à aujourd'hui

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By displaying his 95 thesis on the doors of the Wittenburg church on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther set off a religious, social and political revolution throughout Europe.  In this year, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, église Saint-Jean would like ot offer a series of four presentations on the history of the beginning of the Protestant churches.

  1. Europe at the end of the 16th century
  2. Martin Luther
  3. The other reformers
  4. The reform from then to now

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Celebrating a Woman of the United Church

Rev. Gail Christy is well known for her community volunteering and serving as minister in Yellow Grass and Carmichael in Saskatchewan, and Vankleek Hill and Riceville-Pendleton in Ontario.  On Dec. 3 she was one of twelve recipients of awards presented at the 15th Annual Celebration of People Awards Dinner in Ottawa.    Hers is the Career Award which recognizes an individual with a disability who has a record of excellence and achievement in her chosen field.

Those who are interested in the daily events of the Synode M&O Conference AGM will find a brief daily newsletter attached for each day, as it becomes available.

According to the last will and testament of Florence and Sam Anderson of Chevery (formally Cross River) Quebec, not all is doom and gloom in the Anglican and United Church Communities of Harrington Harbour and Chevery. Less than ten years ago, they directed their Notary to modify their Wills to have their ‘end of life’ assets divided amongst the Community Churches and Cemeteries. Sam died in 2009 and Florence died in 2013 and in early February the estate was closed with the following wonderful result:

Seaway Valley Presbytery is preparing to sponsor a Syrian Refugee family of four. Terri Chedore, a diaconal artist and a member of the Partners in Mission Committee, designed this painting to inspire fundaising efforts. Her goal was to keep the family and their dangerous journey in the forefront of our efforts. The family we will be sponsoring was forced to leave Syria when the Christian Church next door and their own home were both destroyed by bombs. They have been on the move ever since seeking a safe place for their children.

Advancement Toward Peace in the Community of Cornwall Knox-St Paul’s United Church has been hosting a group called “Cornwall Inter-faith Partnership” The group is comprised of people from the Roman Catholic Faith, Lutheran, Anglican, Hindu, Buddhist, Native Spirituality, Judaism, Baha’I, Humanism and the United Church. If I have left anyone out, please forgive me it is not intentional. We have viewed some very interesting films, had good discussions on some of the issues the films raised, as well as treated to some wonderful foods from different cultures.

April 11th to 13th 2014 Gordon Lambie, Baby Beatrice and I travelled across the province of Quebec to the small and isolated communities of Chevery and Harrington Harbour on the lower north shore of the St. Lawrence River.  We travelled to lead and participate in a youth animation weekend at the school in Chevery.

The weekend was well attended, with 15 young people aged 13-17 in attendance. There was a good balance of young men and women, and while the majority of youth were in secondary 3 (grade 9) there was also a good mix of ages.

During the weekend of May 9th to 11th, I was part of an adventure with five other trainees headed by Reverend Debra Kigar and the Reverend Doug Stewart of the United Church of Canada. There were three students from Sept-Iles who were our hosts, two pupils from Chevery and me from Thetford Mines (K.I.T. pastoral charge).

Conference UCW will be sponsoring the 73rd Summer Event July 26th and 27th in Cornwall, Ontario at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre.  The theme is "How Can I keep from Singing" and will be hosted by Ottawa Presbyterial UCW.  Registration deadline is June 27, 2014 - Registrar is Louis Shaw.

In late 2013, the decision was made to officially stop publishing the Clarion as a quarterly supplement to the United Church Observer.  Instead we are introducing an electronic version of the Clarion which will be found on the M&O Conference website.

Fin 2013, la décision est officiellement prise de mettre un terme à la publication trimestrielle du Clairon en encart au United Church Observer. Elle est remplacée par une version électronique du Clairon qui sera dorénavant disponible sur le site Internet du Synode Montréal et Ottawa.