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Ecumenical Women's Jubilee day 3 MA BOO HI (long live!)


The collective energy of this group of women representing different faith and social action groups is very empowering.  We wrestled with the Biblical characters of Miriam and Deborah, their visions and struggles to be faithful leaders, recognizing that 88% of women in the Philippines come from the basic masses, meaning workers and farmers where every day is a struggle. Our discussions focussed upon what are the visions for this country, what are the struggles that we as women are experiencing and what are our victories as women?

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NCCP Ecumenical Women's Jubilee gathering


Today begins day two of the NCCP Ecumenical Women's Jubilee gathering, and I will bring greetings from the UCC and words of solidarity at this challenging time.

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Returning to the Philippines day 1-2


I was invited to participate in the Ecumenical Women's Jubilee 3-day celebration and the Jubilee Celebrations for the 50th year of ministry of the NCCP which just happen to be immediately following upon the heels of Super Typhoon Yvonne and left many of us wondering if I would travel safely.  GOD is GOOD and I have arrived after a 24 hour flight ...Montreal...Toronto...Tokyo and Manila, my final destination for the moment.

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What can we do to help our brothers and sisters - our global partners in the Philippines?


Thank you to all the ministry sites and presbyteries who have extended invitations for me to share my travels in person over the past year. There are official links between the United Church of Canada head office and numerous sectors in the Philippines but it is always a good thing to build grass-roots linkages as well.  
1.  A natural link might be for the "your" United Church to partner with a similar congregation with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.

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